The Odebolt Betterment Committee is in the process of working on the entrances and corridors through town. One of our projects is to revitalize the triangle park located on Hwy 175. (Before photo to right)
Through our research we have discovered that in the 1950’s this was called the Rotary Park. During the Cold War it was the site for the Odebolt Ground Observers Corps Observation Tower. The GOC group was active in the early 50’s. Members of the group scanned the skies to identify low-flying aircraft, and reported to the Air Force base in Omaha.  You can read about this organization and see photos at the Odebolt History Pages ... click for GROUND OBSERVERS CORPS.  
We are accomplishing our plans for this area:  we have painted the shelter house at the cost of $52.00, re-shingled at the cost of $465.40 and added a decorative handrail at the cost of $220.00. We also wish to add a handicapped accessible sidewalk from Sac Ave. up to the shelter house at a cost of approximately $750.00, plant a low maintenance landscape area to the south of shelter house to eliminate traffic noise at a cost of $450.00 and place a plaque telling the history of the Watch Tower near the shelter house at the cost of $1600.00.  The photo shows our progress; shingled, new flower bed and picnic table.

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