January 18, 2011 Meeting

Highlights of the January OBC meeting ...
** Officers were re-elected: Madeline Meyer,Chairperson, Linda Godbersen, Co-Chairperson and Deb Reinhart, Secy/Treas

** The plaque for Downtown Greenspace will be ready to put in place in the spring, and a new flag will be ordered from the American Legion to put up in the spring.

** Sandy Kessler Host gave a report on the work that she has done on the renovation of the Richland #1 Country School and the book that she has written titled “Iowa’s Lost Treasure-The Rural School System 1858-1953.” A majority of the school’s furnishings and documents have been located. The Odebolt Betterment Committee voted to support Sandy's hope of moving and renovating the Richland #1 Country School to the 70’ lot west of the Greenspace.

Read the full minutes (.pdf)

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(Photo courtesy of Sandy Kessler Host) 
Richland #1 Country School - Class of 1945-46 Vilma Rehm, teacher
Foot, Bicycle, and Pony Transportation:
Back row: Margaret Einsphar, Joan Siebrecht, Elaine Miller, Calvin Sewell, James Buehler.
Front row: Genevieve Raasch, Donna Sewell, Patty Brucker, Helen Kessler.
Bicycles: Lois Kessler, Ruth Kessler, Howard Einsphar.
Ponies: James Sewell, Jim Meyer, Robert Siebrecht, Edward Brown, Paul Miller

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