Rural Legacy receives Sac County Endowment check

The Rural Legacy Project Steering Committee of the City of Odebolt is proud to announce the receipt of a $5,500.00 check awarded by the Sac County Endowment Foundation for the purpose of starting the preparation for the site and the moving of the Richland #1 school building to Odebolt.  Shown in the photo receiving the check are, left to right:  Carol Raasch, Chair of the Steering Committee; Ron Rex, Mayor of Odebolt; and Deb Reinhart, grant writer. 

The project can now move ahead with plans to lay out a concrete foundation for the building at the site on 2nd Street and to prepare the building for the move to town.  It is hoped that the school building, when finished, will become a representative example of how rural school buildings were constructed and laid out in the western 2/3 of Iowa; how they led the development of the rural life structures of the community; and how these schools were the center of the lives of many families still represented in this community.

For more information, check out other Rural Legacy posts or contact one of the committee members.

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