October OBC Meeting Minutes

The Odebolt Betterment Committee met Oct. 11, 2011 at 6:00 at the Downtown Café. Present were Kris Ziegmann, Kerry and Deb Reinhart, Linda Godbersen, Madeline Meyer, Jack Bensley, Joan Godbersen, Don and Audrey Poppen Frieda Stehr, Elaine Rex, Kathie Willhoite, and Joel Ahart.

Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted and written.

The bank balance at this time is $4,114.33. Breakdown as followed:
Undesignated: $323.45
City Park: $3,684.33
Green space: $45.55
Sign Landscape: $61.00

We received a $100.00 donation from the Alumni Reunion Committee with a thank you for Madeline speaking at the reunion.

Joan reported that Mid America has contacted her on what community projects were taking place in Odebolt and she reported on the park project. They stated that they would be sending a $250.00 donation for this project.

There is $300.91 in savings at Iowa State Bank for upkeep on the Triangle Park.

Joan had contacted Deb to see if the OBC was interested in applying for the TREES PLEASE grant. Kerry has contacted Bill and Theresa Fertig to see if they would be interested in planting trees on their property west of town. We have not heard from them at this time. Linda will contact Theresa and see if they are interested in paying the match and once they are planted the trees would be their responsibility.

Kerry reported that Bob Lickteig has power washed, repaired cracks and painted the pillars. The estimate for this was $380.00. Deb will pay when she receives a bill. Odebolt Tree Service has started trimming trees, we hope that he will have this completed by the 1st of Nov. so that we can finish up the Sac Co. Endowment Foundation grant. Joan asked about putting a new entry door on the west side of the enclosed shelter house. Kerry said that he would do it and it was decided that a solid door would be installed. Linda reported that she thought there was something wrong with the faucet on the north side of the bathroom, Kerry will check it out. Linda also cleaned up around the playground equipment.

Kerry has been watering the trees on Main Street and will water them again before winter arrives. The 3 trees by the west entrance sign need to be watered, Kerry will see if he will be able to do this.

The Richland #1 school has been moved into Carol’s yard and is ready for the move into town. We do not need to help the movers as they have this under control. After it is in position, Greg Neville Const. will get it ready to be placed on the foundation.

Kathie and Kris will prepare a plan for the Peterson Pioneer Home. They will talk to Howard about fund raising. Any donations will be deposited into the OBC checking account. They will look into fund raising projects such as a brunch; maybe see if the 4-H will help with this event. Other projects may include note cards, t-shirts and maybe crocks.

Madeline shared a scrapbook of the progress of the Peterson Pioneer home. Madeline asked for a motion for Odebolt Betterment Committee to be willing to be a sponsor of the moving of the Pioneer Home from its present location to 2nd street, along with the Questors and any other organization that would like to join. Kerry motioned and Linda seconded, all ayes that OBC would be willing to take on this project. We have received a bid from Electric Co.of $400.00 for electrical and Kris will work with Greg Neville Const. on which foundation is best for the house. Elaine has a bid of $4,000 from Dale Hoefling for moving the house. Kerry and Kris will put up plywood to cover back door for the winter.

Deb, Kris and Linda are planning on going to the Sac Co. Endowment Fund training on Oct. 25th for the Odebolt Betterment. Elaine will go on Oct. 26.

Other project possibilities that were discussed were maybe the pool area and the cemetery.

Election of officers were held. Linda was nominated for chairperson. Deb motioned to accept, Frieda seconded . All ayes. Deb was nominated for secretary-treasurer. Joan motioned to accept, Jack seconded. All ayes.

It was mentioned that the entrance signs need to be resealed. Kerry will talk to Vance about this.

Next meeting will be Nov. 8th at 6:00 at Downtown Café.

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