March 13,2012 Minutes

The Odebolt Betterment Committee met March 13, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. at the Downtown Café. Present were Kris Ziegmann, Carol Raasch, Jack Bensley, Linda Godbersen, Kerry and Deb Reinhart, Joan Godbersen, Madeline Meyer, Kathie Willhoite and Howard Hustedt.

Jack made the motion to accept the minutes as written. Kris second. All ayes.

The bank balance is $9,549.50. Breakdown as followed:
Peterson Pioneer Relocation Project: $5960.00
Sign Landscaping: $61.00
Undesignated: $445.95
City Park: $3,070.55
Greenspace: $11.55

The check for $4,559.00 from the Sac County Endowment Foundation is in the City of Odebolt’s account, because they are the fiscal agent for this grant.
Kris made a motion to accept the treasurer report, Carol second. All ayes.
Kris reported that she has contacted Dale Hoefling to add us to his schedule to move the house to the downtown area. She has applied for the building permit and it has been Okayed by the Council. She has also contacted Greg Neville to have him add us to his schedule also.

Madeline gave an update on the Omelet Brunch that will be held this Sunday, March 18 from 10:30 to 1:00 at the Community Building. The Richland Robins and O-A Showmen will prepare the omelets for us under the supervision of Karen Siebrecht. Madeline will have an ongoing computer presentation on the Pioneer Home for people to watch. Madeline has received bids from 3 different grocery stores for the supplies and Sac City Food Pride had the lowest bid. Madeline will pick up the groceries on Friday and we will meet Saturday at 2:00 at the Methodist Church to prepare the ingredients.

Kerry asked the question if maybe an enclosed trailer should be located to store some of the furniture while the house is being moved. Kris and Kathie will see if this is necessary.

Carol gave an update on the Rural School and at this time there is nothing new to report. She has talked to Greg Neville and he will soon begin to shingle and replace windows. Carol is also busy applying for grants for this project.

Madeline and Linda will be attending the Color Iowa Beautiful workshop in Ames on March 27. We will look forward to their report at next month’s meeting.

We are in need of purchasing American and Iowa flags for the Greenspace area. Joan will check on this for us.

The next meeting will be held April 10 at 6:00 at the Downtown Café.

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