June Minutes

The Odebolt Betterment Committee met June 12th at 6:00 p.m. at the Downtown Café. Present were Kris Ziegmann, Kerry and Deb Reinhart, Carol Raasch, Elaine Rex, Joan Godbersen, Linda Godbersen, Madeline Meyer, and Jack Bensley.

Elaine made a motion to accept the minutes as read. Carol second. All ayes.
Jack made motion to accept the treasurer’s report as followed. Madeline second.
Balance $11,477.47
Peterson Pioneer House $8,004.25
Sign Landscaping $61.00
Undesignated $550.95
City Park $2,843.72
Greenspace $11.55
All ayes.

Carol gave an update on the Rural Legacy Project. There are a few things to do before Creek Days and they are planning to have the building open for visitors. The committee will be meeting with the security company. Members of their committee are working to complete the application for the Renze Grant.

Kris gave an update on the Peterson Pioneer Project. She has sent the quarterly report to the Sac County Foundation. The foundation and sidewalk to the house is complete and the house will be moved either Thurs. or Fri. The barn quilt and flag pole will be moved. The house needs a new roof but that will be phase 2 of the project. Kris was commended for a job well done for phase 1 of the project and she hopes that someone else will take over for phase 2. Jack suggested that we put a bench in front of the school and the Peterson house.

Kerry gave update on the City Park. Grant and Irene Thayer have generously donated to the installation of more counter top in the enclosed shelter house. Kerry will order this and get it installed. We thank the Thayer’s for their generosity.

Kerry had talked to Howard about removing the tree in the Greenspace that seems to have been touched by the frost in the Spring and not to replace it. Madeline motion to remove the tree, Kerry second. All ayes. Kerry, Deb and Elaine will work on this project.

Linda and Kris will work together on the trellis installation for the flower bed in the City Park. Linda will plant the clematis at this time also. Linda also stated that she would paint the trim on the bathroom.
Elaine motioned to wait until Fall to replace the flowers that need to be replaced around the entrance signs. Jack second. All ayes.

Linda, Elaine and a number of volunteers have painted poles at the RV Park and the pool area. A thank you has been sent for a job well done. We are planning on painting the bridges sometime this summer.

Barb Greber Kerns from Iowa Living Roadways visited with Elaine, Linda and Deb about the landscaping possibilities around the pool area. There are a few grant possibilities for funding of this project. Kerry and Linda will attend the Council meeting in July to find out when the stumps will be removed so that will know when to apply for these grants.

Next meeting will be held July 10 at 6:00 p.m. at the Downtown Café.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:10.

Deb Reinhart

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