July Minutes

The Odebolt Betterment Committee met July 10, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. at the Downtown Café. Present were Kris Ziegmann, Kerry and Deb Reinhart, Carol Raasch, Elaine Rex, Joan Godbersen, Linda Godbersen, Madeline Meyer, Joel Ahart, and Jack Bensley.

Jack made a motion to accept the minutes as read. Carol second. All ayes.

Kerry made motion to accept the treasurer’s report as follows. Elaine second.
Balance $8,211.47
Peterson Pioneer House $4,728.25
Sign Landscaping $61.00
Undesignated $566.95
City Park $2,843.72
Greenspace $11.55
All ayes.

Carol gave an update on the Rural Legacy Project. The Committee has applied for the Renze Grant for the heating and air-conditioning unit. The siding will be installed in late summer. They are planning an Open House during Creek Days 2013.

Madeline gave an update on the Peterson Pioneer Project. Elaine has asked the Council’s permission to apply for the Renze Grant, which she received. The Renze Grant has been delivered to Carroll, Iowa by Elaine. We should hear from them in 2 weeks. She has received bids from the Lumber Yard and Bryce Hustedt for the new roof. She will consider applying for the Sac Co. Endowment Foundation grant in Aug. Deb has applied for the INS grant to take care of the yard. We need to clean up around the house to make it easier to mow around, Joel will check on this for us. The quilt block and flag pole will be moved to Jack Bensley’s shop for storage. Madeline stated that she has fill dirt for this project.

Kerry gave update on the City Park. The counter top has been installed. We thank the Thayer’s for their generosity for this project. Linda has not painted the trim around the bathroom windows because it has been too hot. Carol reported that there was a hole on the northwest corner of the enclosed shelter house; Joan stated that she would take care of this. Linda will contact Taylor Bengford and get a bid on landscaping around the enclosed shelter house.

Elaine gave an update on the Trees for Kids grant at the Swimming Pool. She contacted Laura Wangler for assistance and she will be here July 19 at 1:00 to meet with Elaine and Linda. Linda will also contact Todd Bengford to see if he can attend this meeting. Elaine also stated the Barb Greber Kerns has moved to Illinois and her replacement will be Jeff Jensen. Jeff has contacted Elaine and introduced himself.

Next meeting will be held Aug. 14 at 6:00 p.m. at the Downtown Café.

Deb Reinhart

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