November 2012 minutes

President Linda Godbersen called the Odebolt Betterment Committee meeting to order on Nov. 13, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall. Present were Kris Ziegmann, Jim Mickelson, Elaine Rex, Joan Godbersen, Linda Godbersen, Joel Ahart, Kerry and Deb Reinhart, Jack Bensley, Madeline Meyer, and Barb Horak.
Madeline motioned to accept the minutes of previous meeting as written, Jim seconded. All ayes.

Treasurer report at this time is $8,406.63. Breakdown as followed.

Undesignated: $ 791.95
City Park: $2,843.72
Greenspace: $11.55
Sign Landscape: $61.00
Peterson Pioneer House: $4,698.41

Elaine made a motion to accept the treasurer report, Jim second. All ayes.

There is $300.91 in Iowa State Bank for upkeep on the Triangle Park. There is $3,040.00 in the City account for the Peterson Pioneer house from the Renze grant.

Kerry reported the Bob Lickteig is not interested in painting the school because of lead paint. Deb has sent the name of Carroll Paint Co. to Carol Raasch to see if they are interested in painting the school.

Madeline gave an update on the Pioneer House. We are waiting to hear from the Sac County Endowment Foundation on the grant. The roof on the Pioneer home will be the first thing done. The contractor will take care of the roof before winter. The security system has not been paid for at this time we are waiting to hear from John Noyd. Per Mar has asked for the City’s tax exempt form, which Joan has sent to them. John will reimburse us to make it easier for tax deduction. The annual fee for this service will be $492.00 for maintenance. We will receive 2 months’ rent free for paying yearly. Kerry has installed the locks on and the keys will be at City Hall. An omelet fundraiser is being planned for early spring

Kris reported that she has delivered the final report to the Sac Co. Endowment for last year’s grant funding.
Linda reported that she and Joann Paulson are working on a plan for a low maintenance berm in the City Park. Barb Horak stated that she had some hostas for this project.

Kerry reported last month that there was damage at the Greenspace .Kerry had made plans to attend the council meeting to see if the City would maybe pay for these expenses, but he was not able to attend, so he sent a letter stating that this damage had been done and the Council agreed to pay the Electric Co. bill and that they would take care of future upkeep on the Greenspace. The OBC committee has put money aside for other projects they have completed, but none was set aside for this project, so they voted to transfer $200 from undesignated and place it in the Greenspace account for future expenses. Kerry also reported that the Iowa flag should be replaced. Elaine stated that she may have an Iowa flag that we could fly.

Elaine stated that the MidAmerican tree grant has been sent in. We should know by the middle of December if we will receive anything. There was talk of maybe applying for other tree grants, but decided against it at this time, Kerry made a motion that taking care of the MidAmerican trees this summer would be enough, Madeline second. Linda will talk to Eric about helping to plant the trees in the Spring.

The family of Wayne and Ruby Lindskoog has donated a bench to be placed in front of the Pioneer House. This is ready for Kerry to pick up on Nov. 19 from Bohlmann’s in Denison. Kerry and Joel will plan on getting it set this weekend.

Deb reported that Steph Fleenor may be interested in starting a group to promote the museum, school and Pioneer home. Deb was wondering if the OBC would support this project, she will talk to the Questors, museum and the school to see if they will also support this cause. The OBC stated that they would support this project.

There will be no meeting in December, because of the holidays. The next meeting will be Jan. 8th at 6:00 at City Hall.

Deb Reinhart

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