Pioneer Home News

What a summer at The Peterson Pioneer Home! 

Once our spring monsoons let up, the carpenters got busy. Your donation dollars, along with funding from The Barbara and Gilbert Renze Grant, The Sac County Endowment Fund, The Odebolt Betterment Committee, INS, and Bryce Hustedt,  have been put to great use.

Bryce Hustedt’s roofing crew rebuilt the deteriorating porch and installed new metal shingles on both the porch and house.  It is hoped the choice of metal shingles will alleviate the frequency of roofing projects. Be sure to notice the nice porch posts that are more period-correct.

Mark Horsley Construction built and installed a new back door to fit the unusual sized opening.  Now that sure beats looking at the sheet of plywood that was there previously!

Volunteers primed and painted lots of new siding before Mark’s crew installed it to replace the areas with the worst deterioration. 

Joel Ahart’s Lawn Service had the absolute perfect timing on getting the ground in condition and he lawn seeded just before our rainy season began. Those pesty weeds need to be sprayed this fall, though!

T & S Siding installed rain gutters and downspouts.  Now we just need a little rain to test them out!

You’ve probably noticed that the hand pump, quilt block, and flag pole have been repositioned by volunteers to enhance the site. That flag pole has certainly toured Odebolt!  Ruth Kelly and the girl scouts moved it from another unknown Odebolt location to the Walnut Street site in the late 1970’s.  Jack Bensley repainted the pole and reworked the finial ball before being placed at the Second Street site.  You will see a Welcome Flag flying when the Rural School Museum and Peterson Pioneer Home are open.

The number of visitors during Creek Day was tremendous!  Then Quester members hosted open house every Sunday afternoon this summer and many visitors dropped by. It was no trouble at all to accommodate travelers’ schedules and open by appointment several times too.  Most everyone comments that it is hard to believe a family of seven lived in such a tiny place!  Oh ... and how the kids LOVED to hear the phonograph!

The next project will be installment of replacement windows. The Barbara and Gilbert Renze Grant has funded $2,664 of the full amount.  Hopefully, the rest of the siding can be replaced at the same time the exterior window trim is installed.  A Sac County Endowment Grant is being written to help with that cost.  It sure would be nice to marvel at the completed outside improvements at next year’s Creek Day Celebration!

Your attendance at the Omelet Brunch to be held Sun. Sept. 22 from 10:30 AM – 1 PM at the Odebolt Community Center will give financial assistance, too! 

Donations are always appreciated!  The Odebolt Betterment Committee manages The Peterson Pioneer Fund.

 - Kris Ziegmann

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