2014 March Minutes

President Linda Godbersen called the Odebolt Betterment Committee meeting to order on March 11, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall. Present were Linda Godbersen, Kerry and Deb Reinhart, Steph Fleenor, Kris Ziegmann, Jack Bensley, Carol Raasch, Jim Mickelson ,Joel Ahart, Joan Godbersen and Madeline Meyer.

Kris motioned to accept the minutes of previous meeting as written, Jim seconded. All ayes. Treasurer report at this time is $9,894.33. Breakdown as followed. Undesignated: $ 385.86 City Park: $2,893.72 Greenspace: $141.08 Sign Landscape: $61.00 Peterson Pioneer House: $5,357.37 Brochures: $920.30 P.Dale Gronemeyer Memorial: $125.00

There is $6,662.00 for the Peterson Home Project at the City, because they are the fiscal agent, also there is $302.49 in savings at Iowa State for the update of the Triangle Park. Bills that have been paid at this time is M-43 Chrome Shop $330.00 for City Hall sign, Chronicle $857.17 for brochures and Digital Press $604.93 for brochures. We have received $534.00 grant for brochures from State of Iowa and $500.00 from Faith Lutheran Church for the Peterson Pioneer Home. Carol made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report, Steph second. All ayes.

Carol gave an update on the Rural School museum. The security cameras are operating on line. Their committee is making plans for the summer months and is planning to be open Memorial Day thru September. The hours will be Wed. 10-4, Sat and Sun. 2-4. If anyone is interested in touring the building at another time they can contact Carol Raasch or Jack Bensley. If anyone is interested in being on the committee they meet the 4th Tuesday of the month at the Rural School Museum at 7:00. It was discussed that Carol should contact Our Iowa to see about having a story on the School published in the future.

Kris stated that there are no new updates for the Peterson Pioneer Home. She will contact Mark Horsley around the 1st of April to see when he can start on the window/siding project. She stated that the plan is to have it done by Creek Days.

Deb and Steph attended the Western Iowa Tourism meeting in Denison on Feb. 20. Steph gave an update on what we had learned at this meeting. The main item was that we needed to concentrate on what we want to market, after some discussion it was decided to market the whole Odebolt experience. Steph will set up a marketing plan draft and share with us at next meeting. Steph suggested that the committee set aside $200 a year to attend these Western

Iowa Tourism meetings. Carol made a motion to accept this and Jim second. All ayes. The new Travel Iowa book is out; Steph is working thru the bugs on getting the Heritage Square mentioned in this. As events arise thru out the summer we need to be sure to mention them on Travel Iowa’s web site. The OBC has the opportunity to spend ½ day at the Spencer Fair to promote Odebolt at no cost. Steph will check on the details for this. Kris and Deb are interested in doing this. When the brochures are finished we need to get them out so that they are visible. Steph has designed a sign in sheet for the museums so that we can track how people have heard about us.

The brochures are at the printers at this time, they should be done soon. The Chronicle generously donated 1000 extra brochures for this project. Deb has sent a thank you.

Kris has not heard anything about the future Iowa bus tour.

Carol has sent information into Hwy 20 advertising. If we are in this advertising this will cost $100. The information should be in travel centers between March 25-April 5. Kerry has talked to Greg on the use of the Fire Station for Creek Day. Greg stated that this was ok. Kerry has also talked to Grant about doing some electrical at the Greenspace, which will be done in the Spring.

Kris and Deb will work on welcome bags when the Heritage Square brochures are complete.

Jack, Joan and Deb will work on advertising the “Odebolt” cutting boards. We are taking pre- orders and will have them available as soon as possible. The cost for the boards will be $20 plus shipping if necessary. We are planning to have them on sale during Creek Days.

Someone is interested in purchasing a bench, so some discussion was made on the location.

Madeline will do an inventory on the welcome sign plants and let Vance know about this by the next meeting.

The possibility of doing something to the Monument Circle was discussed, but nothing decided at this time.

The City Clerk has asked that we help with fund raising for the swimming pool. We are very much interested in helping with this community project. Linda will email Christy about fundraising for this. We discussed many ideas for this area.

Kerry and Linda presented the Odebolt City Hall sign to the Council at the March meeting. A thank you from the City was shared.

The next meeting will be held on April 8th at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall. Please feel free to attend if you are interested in being part of this group.

 Deb Reinhart

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