New book by Sandra Kessler Host

The Rural Legacy Project Steering Committee wishes to announce a new way to select and purchase the most recent book written by the curator of the Iowa Rural Schools Museum at Odebolt, Sandra Kessler Host.

A native of Odebolt, Iowa, Sandy has spent time teaching in Des Moines and in the health services field in California.  After returning to Council Bluffs, she has spent much time researching the rural schools of Iowa and their role in the settlement of our state.  While doing her research, Sandy collected many photos and pieces of information which have resulted in a delightful book allowing the reader to enjoy all of the schools she visited and their stories from the comfort of a reading chair.

For those who may have interest in finding out more about these schools, this book is a must-have for the beginning of your search.  With photos and listings of where schools are located by counties and towns, one can look up a home-town area or plan an afternoon’s journey finding them.

The website which allows purchase is:  www.iowahistoricschools.com     The books are also available at the Iowa Rural Schools Museum and Iowa State Bank in Odebolt.

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