Books donated to school

During the teachers’ preparation and work days at OA-BCIG schools, author Dorothy Kessler Engstrom (on left above) and Carol Raasch met with the elementary teachers and the social studies teachers of the Middle School at the Odebolt building.

The purpose was to present  the Odebolt-Arthur building a set of 30 student textbooks along with teachers’ guides of Engstrom’s book Iowa’s Rural Settlement shaped by Railrods and a System of Rural Schools.  Also presented at this time were one copy of Sandra Kessler Host’s books Iowa’s Rural School System – A Lost Treasure and Iowa Historic Schools Highlighting Victorian Influence.

It is hoped that these books will be a great resource for the teachers in teaching the historical importance of rural Iowa’s settlement and development.  The books were donated by the Rural Legacy Project of Odebolt and Engstrom and Host.  Teachers were encouraged to always keep in mind the great resource that the Iowa Rural Schools Museum of Odebolt might be for them to use in their classroom planning.

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