September minutes

President Linda Godbersen called the Odebolt Betterment Committee meeting to order on Sept 11, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall. Present were Linda Godbersen, Kerry and Deb Reinhart, Steph Fleenor, Carol Raasch, Madeline Meyer, Jim Mickleson, Jack Bensley, and Joel Ahart.  Jack motioned to accept the minutes of previous meeting, Jim seconded. All ayes.

Treasurer report at this time is $9,069.85. Breakdown as followed.
Undesignated: $ 2265.80
City Park: $1461.87
Heritage Square: $476.33
Sign Landscape: $61.00
Peterson Pioneer House: $4036.79
Brochures: $643.06
P.Dale Gronemeyer Memorial: $125.00
There is $302.93 in savings at Iowa State for the update of the Triangle Park. Madeline motioned to accept the treasure report, Steph seconded. All eyes. Kris and Steph have finished auditing the books thru 2013 and have found them to be correct.

Kris presented a bill for brochure holder to be placed at the Peterson House for $11.30. Kris also presented a bill to the Lumber Yard for supplies at the Peterson House for $20.14 and we will be receiving a bill from Bob Lickteig for painting the Peterson House for $600.00. Carol motioned to pay these bills, Jim seconded.

Linda read a report on the Peterson House submitted by Kris. The pump handle has been broken off and the Questors are to contact MBW to have this fixed. Carol is checking the security tape to see how this happened. The Questors have a committee to assess interior rejuvenation and to make a plan. An omelet brunch was discussed for a Sunday in March, would OBC sponsor this fund raising event. Kris also suggested a raised planter containing a sign, readable from both sides, advertising Heritage Square. Steph motioned for the OBC committee to sponsor the omelet brunch in March, seconded by Kerry. All ayes.

Carol gave an update on the Rural School museum. The museum is having visitors and they will be open thru the month of October. The Rural School Museum and the City of Odebolt have been awarded the Preservation Iowa Award. Carol is working with the City on the possibility of signage for the Heritage Square along Hwy. 39, 175 and 20. Carol will also check with Travis Youngren on the price of banners to hang on the poles around the Heritage Square.

Kerry has received a bid from Electric Co. of $300 to put outlets on the 2 poles in the Heritage Square for Christmas decorations and to place a breaker to be able to shut off the flag light in the winter months. Madeline motioned to accept this bid, Jack seconded. All ayes. Kerry will contact Grant with the go ahead on the project.

We have someone interested in placing a bench in the park area. Kerry will contact them with the information. The cost of a bench with pad is $800.00 and the price of picnic table with concrete pad is $1400.00.

We discussed the water fountain possibility when the Pepsi building comes down. Also discussed was storm shelter and bathrooms at this location. Also discussed were storm sirens.

We have discussed about the possibility of having a Historical committee. It has been tabled for further discussion.

We hope that everyone will be able to attend the Home Pride meeting on Sept. 30 at 7:00 p.m. in Wall Lake. Deb will send email reminders out.

The next meeting will be held on Tues, Oct.14 at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall. Please feel free to attend if you are interested in being part of this group.

Secretary/TreasurerDeb Reinhart

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