Meeting Agenda

June 23, 2015 Meeting - 7 p.m.
Rural Legacy Project – City of Odebolt
Iowa Rural Schools Museum Agenda

I.     Minutes of May meeting

II.      Treasurer’s Report
a.       Iowa State Bank
b.      City Account
c.       Activity
d.      Bills?

III.   Old Business
a.       Finish construction, setting statue
b.      Creek Days program
c.       Visitors
d.      Sandy’s awarding
e.      Booklet published and ready
f.        Brochure mailings/distributions to date
g.       Grants
       i.      Renze
       ii.      Iowa Tourism
       iii.      Others?
h.      Other OLD Business

IV. New Business
a.       Change of lights in Outdoor classroom?
b.      Landscaping needed?
c.       Docent/hosting needed for Sundays July 19, August 9, other claims for dates?
d.      Bell Tower plans
e.      Screen Door
f.        Summer plans
g.       Other new business

 Next meeting: July 28 at 7:00 p.m.

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