Recap of Creek Days activities

There were a number of great Creek Days activities on Second Street in Odebolt during the weekend of June 20 and 21, 2015.
  • The new light-post banners for Heritage Square Park were up for viewing
  • There was a presentation and dedication of the newly finished outdoor classroom roof 
  • A dedication and unveiling of the wonderful bronzed statue in honor of the late P. Dale and Marge Gronemeyer (named "Recess") 
  • It was all topped off by the entertaining historical hour presented by Daryl Draper, as J. Sterling Morton that held the audience in rapt attention!
  • A new booklet written by Sandra Kessler Host was also available for the first time. 
Creek Days brought us many visitors for the weekend. We hope to see many more throughout the season!  

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New banners at Heritage Square on 2nd Street in Odebolt.  Click to enlarge.

"Recess", a statue donated by the P.Dale and Marge Gronemeyer family. Click to enlarge

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