Odebolt Betterment Committee Minutes

Courtesy of the 7/1/15 edition of the Ida County Courier - www.idacountycourier.com

President Linda Godbersen called the Odebolt Betterment Committee meeting to order June 8., 2015 at the Presbyterian Church.

Present were Sac County Hometown Pride Coach Georgia Freerks, Godbersen, Kerry and Deb Reinhart, Kris Ziegmann, Elaine Rex, Carol Raasch, Christy Hoe ling, Zach Hoefling, Janet Hoefling, Ann Hoefling, Pat Hoefling, Heidi Hoefling and Jenny Bengford.

The secretary’s minutes were approved.

The treasurer reported the current balance is $10,412 with the following breakdown: undesignated— $2,691, city park—$1,844, Heritage Square—$219, sign landscape—$61, Peterson Pioneer House—$4,807, brochures—$663 and P. Dale Gronemeyer memorial— $125.

Raasch presented a bill for a meeting she attended in Sac City. Payment of the bill and the treasurer’s report were approved.

Freerks gave a brief summary of her position and what Home Town Pride is. We need to look at economic development. She will set up a time to meet with Mayor Butch Hemphill and city clerk Christy Hoefling before our next meeting to help the city set up a plan.

All the cutting boards have been sold. After some discussion, it was decided to wait for a future fund-raising project.

Ziegmann gave a report on the Peterson Pioneer House. The wallpaper has been removed, and they are looking for a carpenter to give a bid on the wall repair. The landscaping will begin when weather permits. The committee approved to paying Bengford Landscaping and Prairie Pedlar when the bills are received.

Deb Reinhart gave a report on the grocery store survey. There were 748 surveys available; at this time, only 180 have been turned in. She said more responses are needed from 25-to 30-year-olds. It was suggested that the surveys be available through Creek Days and to post on Facebook that we need more input from this age bracket.

Raasch reported the Iowa Rural School Museum has new brochures. They have placed them in the Iowa welcome centers and will be getting them in hotels and campgrounds. Work has begun on the foundation for the statue, the plaque and getting electrical to the open classroom. We need to make a report to the city at the end of the season to let them know what has been accomplished this past summer and the need for facilities in order to have bus tours stop.

The flowerpots at Heritage Square Park have been planted.

Kerry Reinhart reported that some trees would be removed at city park.

There was discussion about putting more windows in the enclosed shelter house. Kerry Reinhart will get bids. We have one bid and are waiting on more.

There is no progress on the water fountain project.

Deb Reinhart handed out the pancake breakfast schedule.

Dale Godbersen planned to have the banners hung in time for Creek Days.

Raasch reported the Trailblazers’ signs are coming.

Raasch gave a report on the meeting “No More Business as Usual” in Sac City. She suggested maybe a mobile grocery store or a farmer’s market. They suggest that we use social media.

The next meeting is July 13 at 6 p. m. at city hall. The public is invited to attend the meeting.

 - Deb Reinhart Secretary/treasurer

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