February 14, 2012 OBC Meeting Minutes

The Odebolt Betterment Committee met Feb. 14, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. at the Down Town Café. Present were Linda Godbersen, Jack Bensley, Madeline Meyer, Kris Ziegmann, Kerry and Deb Reinhart and Carol Raasch.

With the correction of the City Park amount that should have read $3.070.55, Jack made the motion to approve last month’s minutes as read, Kerry seconded. All ayes.

The bank balance at this time is $8,189.05. Breakdown as followed:
Peterson Pioneer House: $4,600.00
City Park: $3,070.55
Greenspace: $11.55
Sign Landscaping: $61.00
Undesignated: $445.95
Kris made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report, Jack seconded. All ayes

Carol gave an update on the Rural Legacy Project. The windows are in and Neville Const. will begin to work on them when weather permits. The shingles will be ordered when they are ready to be put on. The committee is working on the Paint Iowa Beautiful grant to help with painting the building this summer.

Kris and Madeline gave an update on the Peterson Pioneer Relocation Project. We have received word that we were a recipient of a $4,559.00 grant from the Sac Co. Endowment Foundation. We will be receiving this at a later date. We are planning an Omelet Brunch for March 18 at the Odebolt Community Building. This will be fundraiser to help with this project. Madeline had a signup sheet that she passed around for volunteers to help with this. Kris will get in touch with Neville Const. and let them know that our project is ready to move ahead whenever he is ready.

Kerry gave an update on the City Park. The new walk in door on the west side of the enclosed shelter house will be installed in the spring, when the electricity is turned back on. There is some money left in the Park fund, so we will try to find more to do in this area.

When weather permits we will decide which plants need to be replaced around the entrance signs.

Howard was not present at this meeting to talk about the grocery store closing.

Our Iowa is sponsoring a Color Iowa workshop in Ames on March 27, 2012, Linda will attend this workshop. Kerry motioned to pay the $100.00 registration and Carol seconded. All ayes.

We discussed the request to host the 2013-2014 Revitalize Iowa Conference. After much discussion it was decided that Linda would contact Elaine and ask for more information before we commit to this project.

Linda will also check with the City to see what the plans are for the pool area where the evergreens trees were removed. She also suggested that maybe we do something around the Monument Circle.

The next meeting will be held March 13, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. at the Down Town Café.

Deb Reinhart

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