Peterson Pioneer Home heading for it's new location

The Peterson Pioneer Home is the oldest home in Odebolt, Iowa, that is as it was originally built.

December 28, 1885, Nils Magnus and Maria Caroline Peterson  purchased a lot in Odebolt for $100, for their homestead, Erection of the house was started and completed in 1886. The town of Odebolt was laid out and lots were sold in  1877 The Peterson Pioneer Home is the oldest home in Odebolt, Iowa, that is as it was originally built., so the Peterson family was among the earliest residents.

Five children were raised in this small frame house. Nils Peterson passed away in 1906. He was followed in death by his wife in 1922. All of the children left Odebolt along the way, except their daughter Edith who continued to live  in the house until she passed away in the spring of1973.

During the years, because Edith was poor, she could not pay taxes, so the town council approached her and said that they along with the County would take care of her as long as she lived, if she would agree to give her property to the town of Odebolt when she died. She agreed, and they put electricity and water in the home. When she passed away they intended to sell the house and lot for the lot price.

At this time the Tolbedo Questors showed interest in the home and asked the Council’s permission to restore the house to its original state in time for Odebolt’s Centennial during the summer of 1977, and that if they wanted to do otherwise with it after that, it would be their right. The Questors have been taking care of this home since that time.

In the spring of 2012 the Odebolt Betterment Committee showed interest in relocating the house to a new heritage square that is being located on Second Street in Odebolt. With the permission from the City Council and the generous donations of businesses, individuals and the Sac County Endowment Foundation this became possible. So on June 14 DNC Movers of Hornick, Iowa, ComServe Cable of Schaller and the Sac Co. Sheriff Dept safely located the house to its new location.

If you are interested in donating to this project or any of the Odebolt Betterment Committee other projects you may mail your donation to Deb Reinhart, Box 34, Odebolt, Iowa 51458 or drop it off at Iowa State Bank and designate which project to which you wish to donate.

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