Tourism Board minutes

The Odebolt Area Tourism Board met March 16, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. at the Odebolt Library. Present were Steph Fleenor, Deb Reinhart, Kris Ziegmann, Carol Raasch, Linda Godbersen, Kathy Larson, and Shirley Phillips.

Kris and Carol handed in their blurbs for Steph to put on the Travel Iowa and Google Places web sites. Kris and Steph decided that Kris would lengthen the one for the Peterson Pioneer House.

Shirley represented  Sac Economic and Tourism Development  and she explained our options for advertising and promoting our attractions. She suggested that in the Spring we take some high resolution pictures to place in any printed issue or on the computer.  Linda will check with Don Poggensee about taking photos for us. She also gave hand outs of other locations that we should check out for advertising.

Kris and Deb shared their information that they had on printing of brochures. Deb had checked with the Chronicle and Kris checked with Optical Ink on prices and samples. Shirley suggested that we get prices for at least 3000 brochures to be placed in Welcome Center in the State of Iowa. The City of Odebolt may be putting a brochure together, Deb will check with them and maybe we can work with them on this project.

Steph suggested that we do a scavenger hunt/picnic as a fund raiser. After much discussion it was decided that we would hold this Aug. 24 at the City Park. Deb will reserve the shelter house for this date. Kris and Linda will be in charge of the food. Carol has donated the ground beef for this activity. We will discuss this more at next meeting. Linda and Kathy will check with the ranch to see if they would be interested to participate in this activity.

Next meeting will be held April 20, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. at the Odebolt Library.

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