April OBC Minutes

President Linda Godbersen called the Odebolt Betterment Committee meeting to order on Apr. 9, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall. Present were Jim Mickelson, Elaine Rex, Linda Godbersen, Kerry and Deb Reinhart, Jack Bensley, Carol Raasch, Carol’s sister and Joel Ahart.
Jack motioned to accept the minutes of previous meeting as written, Jim seconded. All ayes.
Treasurer report at this time is $8,262.18. Breakdown as followed.
Undesignated: $ 667.95
City Park: $2,843.72
Greenspace: $211.55
Sign Landscape: $61.00
Peterson Pioneer House: $4,497.96
There was a check written to the City of Odebolt for trees that will be delivered in April for the Mid American Trees Please grant for the amount of $90.00.
Kerry made a motion to pay for the trees from the undesignated. Joel seconded. All ayes. Kerry made a motion to accept the treasurer report, Joel second.
There is $302.27 in Iowa State Bank for upkeep on the Triangle Park. There is $3,638.42 left in the Sac Co. Endowment Foundation for the Pioneer Home

RURAL LEGACY PROJECT:  Carol Raasch gave an update on the Rural Legacy. They have started to move things in to the school and have set aside Wed. and Thurs. for work days. Anyone interested in helping is welcome to come and help. They are still looking for someone to paint the exterior of the building. The committee has set April 27th for the Kraft Pillow cleaning fund raiser. This will be held in front of the Community building. Jack Bensley has done a nice job of refurnishing the stove. The statue will be place in front of the school to the west instead of in the Greenspace. The committee also has a full schedule of activities planned for their Grand Opening to be held during Creek Day weekend.

PIONEER HOME:  Madeline did not attend the meeting because of the other commitments, but sent a report to be read at the meeting. They are planning on rescheduling the Omelet Brunch for some time in Sept. If weather permits Bryce Hustedt’s crew will plan on starting within the week on the roof. The supplies for this project are at the lumber yard. Mark Horsley is planning on starting on the back part of the house in the next two weeks. The Questors are looking for someone to paint the exterior of the house. They will be scheduling a cleanup day for the house before Creek Days. Twyla Godbersen is working with Tammy Hemer and Katie DeJean on a t-shirt design for Creek Days. Deb and Kris have completed the Keep Iowa Beautiful grant for landscaping around the Peterson House. They are asking for $1022.00, they will be notified in May if the grant has been awarded. Kerry has located black dirt to be used around the house and is working on getting this delivered to this location.

OBC TREE GRANT:  The Odebolt Betterment Committee has been awarded a $1,000.00 grant from Mid American Trees Please. The trees for this grant will be delivered to Odebolt on April15, 2013. Jim has contacted Eric Miller and the FFA class will help plant these trees. The dates for this will be April 25 and 26 from noon to 3 both days. Elaine will take care of the permits for this project. Jim will check on equipment needed for this project, Kerry stated that he has a water tank available. Kerry will go down and mark where he wants the tree planted at the triangle park.

PARKS:  We have set the date of May 4 at 10:00 a.m. to clean the shelter houses at the park. Linda gave an update on the park berm. She will be working with Chuck Gunderson Jr. on the project.

Deb has asked the City Clerk to order us an Iowa flag for the Green space area.

ODEBOLT TOURISM BOARD: Steph Fleenor did not attend the meeting because of the weather, but has stated that she is interested in joining the OBC and has asked us for support on the Odebolt Area Tourism Board’s project of raising money to have brochures printed to promote Odebolt. She is planning a scavenger hunt fund raiser in Aug.

The next Betterment Committee meeting will be May 14 at 6:00pm at City Hall.

Deb Reinhart

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