Furnishing the School Museum begins

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There has been some “hustle and bustle” at the Rural School House on Second Street in Odebolt recently….and it will continue into the late spring.  On April 3rd, a very welcome crew assisted with pickups, trailers, and strong backs to move some furnishings into the school house museum building. A grateful thank-you goes out from the Steering Committee to those willing volunteers.

Jack Bensley stand next to the wood burner
he refinished for the school
Many of the items were original to the Richland #1 school and had been used by the Walt and Maxine Kessler family and others for many years in their homes.  Other items have come from other rural schools around the area and beyond.  Our community is indebted to those who have contributed to Odebolt’s Rural School Museum so that it will be very authentic. 

The Committee plans to work throughout the spring on Wednesdays and Thursdays to set things right inside the building, taking an official inventory and arranging the items into displays.  The windows are being outfitted with shades, which will protect the items inside from sunlight and also, later, assist with darkening for videos and programs.

If anyone would like to volunteer to assist in the many things necessary to get the school house ready, you may call Carol Raasch at 668-4285.

The Grand Opening of the Rural School Museum of Odebolt will be on Saturday, June 15th, at 10:30 a.m. during Creek Days.  So, mark that on your calendar today!

Jack Bensley, Dee (Kessler) Engstrom and Carol Raasch working on move-in day.

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